Partnering With Environmental Companies

Environmental Companies
Many companies specializing in environmental and waste management services are beginning to realize that they can’t do it all. Whether it’s the need for managing specific waste streams or working with an experienced, reliable transporter, environmental companies need quality partners to help them serve their clients.

LEI, Inc. is uniquely equipped to serve companies in the environmental and waste management industry. LEI, Inc. works with over 150 companies specializing in the environmental field. LEI, Inc. also directly serves over a dozen commercial RCRA part-B Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSDF).

LEI Can Provide Your
Environmental Company:

  • On-Site Storage Trailers (28′, 45′, 53′) for safe and easy storage of universal wastes and hazardous wastes.
  • Expedited Waste Approvals for TSDFs and Brokers.
  • Flexible bid pricing for contracts and other accounts.
  • TSDF/Broker specific waste reports for waste discrepancies and off-specification waste materials.
  • TSCA PCB Permit and Transportation services.
    This allows our partner TSDFs to use our PCB transportation services to pickup at their customer’s facility and then ship PCB material directly to us.
  • Safe & Easy Packaging Guidelines