LEI was established in 1994 as Lamp Recyclers.  The company was started to offer businesses in the South an option for recycling spent light bulbs and mercury waste.

Over the years, LEI has worked to become a leader in the mercury, universal and electrical equipment recycling market with a focus on providing simple recycling solutions to its customers.

By listening to our customers and responding to their needs we broadened our capabilities to offer a wider variety of services through the use of our RCRA Part-B permit and TSCA authorization.

In our growth we saw a need to demonstrate our environmental commitment and corporate responsibility and developed an internal environmental management system (EMS).  The EMS has been a testament to our continued dedication to prevention of pollution, compliance, and continual improvement.

One of our latest developments is Simple-Cycle.  Simple-Cycle was started to provide smaller facilities a cost-effective way of managing universal waste and other hard to manage recyclable materials.  This program provides comprehensive recycling kits that are conveniently sent through a parcel carrier.

Today LEI is the recycler of choice for numerous Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies and small and large business throughout the United States.  We serve some of the largest environmental and lighting companies in the nation.  Our future relies on continuing to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry.