Environmental StewardshipMany companies say they care about the environment, but how do you know if a company is only giving lip-service or if there is a genuine concern? The difference is in action. LEI has striven to demonstrate that the protection of the environment and consequently our customers is our highest goal. We demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment through the following:

  • Recycle First Waste Management Policy
    If something can be recycled it will be recycled. Even wastes which are non-regulated are sent for recycling. Why do this? Because we believe recycling is the safest method of waste-management both for our company and our customers.
  • RCRA Part-B Permit
    We maintain a RCRA Part-B permit to manage various hazardous wastes.
  • TSCA Permit
    LEI has a TSCA permit to manage all types of PCB wastes.
  • Excellent Compliance History
    LEI maintains an excellent compliance history.
  • Fully-Funded Closure Plan
    LEI maintains a full-funded plan to ensure our customers are protected if our site closed for any reason. Monies for cleanup, testing, labor and waste disposal has all been accounted for in our closure plan.
  • Community Involvement
    We offer free hazardous waste recycling to our surrounding community. We also participate in many household hazardous waste days, many done at no charge.
  • Award Winning Performance
    LEI’s superior performance in waste management earned recognition for its Environmental Management System, Mercury Reduction, and Pollution Prevention at the Governor’s Annual Environmental Leadership Awards.