e-Manifest Update

Effective October 1, 2019, the e-Manifest fees charged per manifest by EPA are changing.  These fees will  be in effect from October 1, 2019 through September 20,2021.  EPA is required to recalculate user fees every 2 years to pay for the e-Manifest system and also to eventually drive users to the fully electronic version of e-Manifest.  LEI will be increasing it’s e-Manifest to $20.00 per manifest for all shipments sent on or after October 1, 2019.  You can visit this link if you would like to learn more about e-Manifest and the updated fees.


The e-Manifest was first proposed by EPA in 2001. The Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest Establishment Act, enacted into law October 5, 2012, gave EPA the power to finally develop a national electronic hazardous waste manifest. One of the essential elements of this system is to have one centralized place for all hazardous waste shipments thereby reducing reporting requirements, provide rapid access to data for industry and regulators and cost savings. June 30, 2018 is the go-live date for the e-Manifest.

e-Manifest Options 

Electronic Manifests

1a. Fully electronic

1b. Hybrid electronic manifest

Paper Manifests

2a. Data file upload of paper manifest

2b. Image upload of paper manifest

2c. Mailed paper manifest

*On June 30th, LEI will initially use option 2a (Data file upload) for manifest and data submittal to EPA.  However, we plan to move quickly to option 1b (Hybrid) for all shipments terminating at LEI and where LEI will be the only transporter. 

LEI e-Manifest Webinar

Webinar (6/28/2018 Handout)

e-Manifest Options – Detailed

1. Electronic Manifest

1a. Fully Electronic – This option means a manifest is created in EPA servers and then everyone in the manifest chain signs electronically.  (Please note a paper copy accompanying the driver would still be required for DOT purposes.)

1b. Hybrid – The manifest is created electronically in EPA servers but is printed and the generator signs the printed copy, transporters and destination ultimately sign electronically.

*Please note the Manifest Tracking Number for e-Manifests (including hybrids) will all end with the suffix “ELC”

Example from RCRA Info Pre-Production Test Environment


 2. Paper Manifest

2a. Data File Upload – Manifest starts as paper manifest, generator through destination facility continues all the way through with signatures on paper manifest.  Destination facility, either through API data upload or EPA web interface submits all manifest data into EPA servers, along with a scan of the signed manifest.


2b.Image File Upload – Manifest starts as paper, generator through destination facility physically signs manifest.  Destination facility enters manifest tracking number into EPA Servers and attaches a scan of the signed paper manifest.  EPA inputs all manifest data.


2c. Mailed Paper Manifest – Paper manifest is utilized and signed from generator to destination Facility.  Destination facility mails paper manifest to EPA for data processing.

e-Manifest Industry User Registration

You can select the below link to begin Registration as a RCRA Info industry user to have access to your e-manifest data.  Once registered, you will need to request access to your sites.  It is recommended each site has more than one site manager set up in RCRA Info.

RCRA Info Industry User Registration (New User)

RCRA Info Login Page

Please be aware that e-Manifest testing is being done in a separate test environment and requires separate registration.

Pre-Production RCRA Info Registration


LEI e-Manifest Updates (PDFs)

e-Manifest Update June 11, 2018