Oil & Gas

With an established service network of generators along the gulf coast region, LEI ensures prompt and cost-effective service for all of your oil waste needs. Along with LTL and full truck load pickups, our range of services also include Bulk Tote pickups and vacuum truck service. We are deeply committed to the unique demands of our customers waste needs, as well as ensuring all paperwork is in order, ensuring your company stays compliant.Oilfield Companies


In our industry, keeping track of the many waste streams generated is not only good for business, but vital to the health of our community and environment. That’s why we take great care to record and track waste shipments not only to our own facility, but to the facilities of our vendors as well. We work to understand the unique needs of each of our customers, ultimately providing comprehensive waste oversight and accountability.

We Provide:


  • Manifest Information by Generator
  • Industrial Solid Waste Report
  • Waste Shipment Summary
  • Industrial Solid Waste Report
  • Annual Hazardous Waste Report
  • Sustainability Report


When it comes to keeping compliant, there’s no larger room for error than with paperwork. That is why LEI provides assistance with manifest and waste profiling, ensuring compliance with the proper DOT shipping and RCRA information. We also provide our customers with all DOT labels and placards for your shipment.

Paperwork support includes:


  • Waste Profile Assistance
  • Pre-Printed Hazardous Waste Manifest and Labels
  • Dedicated Customer Support



LEI provides RCRA and DOT locations throughout the year. Contact us to learn more



A regional leader in the environmental industry, LEI services all types of generator locations throughout the Gulf Coast. Our truck load and LTL van transportation meets the time requirements of thousands of our customers, assisting with both hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams alike. What’s more, LEI provides Roll-Off, Tanker and Flat Bed service as needed.

Established Service Network Throughout Gulf Coast