Electric Utilities

Working with Utility Companies

Utility Industry - Transformers

LEI, Inc. provides waste management solutions for electric utility companies. These services are designed to be flexible and uniquely responsive to the evolving demands of our customers.

LEI, Inc. specializes in the proper management of Mercury and PCB waste. We also specialize in the recycling of HID lamps with our patent process system, which gives us a more competitive edge in the industry. We maintain both an RCRA Part-B permit and a TSCA PCB commercial storage permit allowing us to safely provide a comprehensive hazardous waste management service. LEI Inc has a proven commitment to recycling and excellent compliance record you can be assured that your waste is being managed properly.

Disposal Services:

  • PCB Disposal
    • Transformers (Full or Empty)
    • Large & Small Capacitors
    • Contaminated Soils
    • Contaminated PPE & Debris
    • Transportation Services for Oil-Filled Equipment
  • Lamps*
    • HIDs
    • Fluorescents
  • Mercury Waste
    • Mercury Switches
    • Mercury Meters
    • Contaminated Soils
    • Contaminated PPE & Debris

*Specializing in the recycling of HID lamps with our process system that was completely designed and manufactured by LEI, Inc.

Special Services Provided

  • On-Site Storage Trailers providing 28′, 45′, or 53′ storage trailers for safe and easy storage of universal wastes and hazardous wastes.
  • Drum replacement service includes the hauling, initial installation and replacement of 55-gallon lamp storage containers upon pickup of waste lamps.
  • Pre-printed shipping paperwork provided to our customers to ease your burden of filling out the paperwork.
  • Designated Customer Service Rep to assist you in meeting your environmental management needs.