What set’s us apart?


  • On-Site Storage Trailers
  • Pre-Printed Shipping Paperwork
  • RCRA Part B and TSCA PCB Permitted Facilities
  • Designated Customer Service Representative


We understand the unique demands of the Oil and Gas Industry. From docks to platform waste streamsOilfield Companies, we design a unique plan for each of our customers. Contact us to learn more how we can assist your waste needs.


We provide waste management solutions for the Utility industry on a nationwide level. These services are designed to be flexible and uniquely responsive to the evolving demands of our customers. We specialize in the proper management of Mercury and PCB waste, as well as recycling of HID lamps with our patent process system. This process gives us a more competitive edge in the industry.


ESCOs and Lighting Management Companies

For over 20 years, LEI has been servicing ESCO’s and lighting management companies. We understand the unique demands of this industry and we are equipped to provide a fast response for the changing needs of our customers. Please contact us to learn more.




LEI owns and operates a fully permitted (RCRA Part B) Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility. This allows us to offer a broad spectrum of environmentally sound and cost effective disposal management technologies for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams.