Mercury Waste

The Right Choice for Mercury Wastes

LEI, Inc. is the right choice for your mercury waste needs. We manage all types of mercury wastes from mercury compounds to contaminated soils to fluorescent lamps. LEI, Inc. is the only mercury recycling facility that is ISO 14001 certified. We are also one of the few RCRA part-B permitted facilities that recycle mercury and universal wastes.


Why Is Mercury A Special Concern?

Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that has been used for ages because of its unique combination of chemical and physical properties. Mercury’s widespread use, combined with its high toxicity, persistence in the environment, and its tendency to bioaccumulate in the aquatic food chain, make it a contaminant of special concern.

The LEI Mercury Recycle Process

At LEI, Inc., we believe recycling is the management method of choice for all wastes. The vast majority of all mercury wastes received by LEI, Inc. are able to be recycled, thus eliminating your potential environmental liability. Mercury wastes are recycled through a physical separation process and a thermal retort process. The mercury is recovered, distilled and then reused in new equipment. No mercury wastes are landfilled.

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