Mercury Compounds & Solutions

Mercury Compounds and Solutions
LEI, Inc. accepts a wide variety of mercury compounds and solutions. We are able to accept both organic and inorganic compounds/solutions for retort. Compounds/solutions can be shipped as a lab pack or by each specific wastestream.

Acceptable Compounds/Solutions

Why LEI Inc.?

  • Completed Mercury Waste Profiles & Profile Assistance – LEI, Inc. prides itself at offering safe and easy mercury recycling solutions. We can provide completed profiles for most mercury wastes…no more spending hours completing profiles.
  • Safe & Easy Packaging Guidelines – Some mercury retort companies are very difficult in regard to packing guidelines and fees. At LEI, Inc., we understand our customers want a safe and easy recycling service and that is what we provide.
  • Complete Mercury Waste Management – We can manage mercury wastes even if they cannot be retorted. Some companies will refuse to do this but we see this as part of our service. If you have mercury waste for disposal, LEI, Inc. is the company to utilize for safe and cost-effective mercury recycling and management.
  • Commitment to Customer & Environment – With our ISO 14001 EMS and excellent compliance record you can trust your waste will be managed correctly and with your company’s best interest in mind.