Mercury Contaminated Soils, Sludges, and Carbon

Mercury contaminated soils, sludges and carbon can all be recycled though mercury retort. LEI, Inc. can manage all types of mercury wastes including mercury contaminated soils, sludges and carbon.

How To Manage Soils, Sludges & Carbon

Contaminated SoilAll soils, sludges and contaminated carbon wastes must be tested for volatile organic compounds restricted under Subpart CC of RCRA. If the wastes contain greater than a concentration of 500ppm of VOCs the mercury cannot be recovered from the waste.

Make mercury waste disposal easy and safe for your company by using LEI, Inc. for all your mercury waste disposal needs. LEI, Inc. can manage all types of mercury wastes no matter the required treatment method. Leave your mercury waste disposal needs with the experts; we have been in operations treating mercury waste for more than 10 years and we are the only mercury waste recycling/management company that is ISO 14001 certified.