LEI Offers Transformer Recycling Services for PCB and Non-PCB Transformers and Oil-filled Electrical Equipment. LEI maintains a PCB commercial storage permit which allows us to manage your electrical equipment regardless of the PCB concentration.

Services Available

-LTL Transportation Services
-On-Site Draining of Oil
-Flatbed Transportation
-Manifest, Labels and Complete Documentation
-PCB Analysis
-On-Site Packaging
-Recycling and Disposal In Full Compliance with EPA and State Regulations
-Mineral Oil Recycling


Description of Recycling Services

PCB and non-PCB contaminated oil is removed from all electrical equipment.  Contaminated metals are cleaned and recycled reducing your liability.  PCB wastes are incinerated or sent to a secure TSCA authorized landfill.  Mineral oil containing less than 50ppm PCBs is cleaned and recycled as a lubricant.

Mineral Oil Recycling

LEI has relationships with numerous companies that have a need for mineral oil. Mineral oil is cleaned, recycled and remarketed to bring your company maximum value and minimizes your environmental liability.

We can manage mineral oil in drums, totes or tankers.  We can mobilize to your site drain, package and ship mineral oil contained in electrical equipment.  We handle all the paperwork, labeling and placarding.

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