LEI Transportation & Logistics

Experienced Transportation Solutions

LEI, Inc. is experienced in offering transportation services to clients with unique demands. We have created a transportation service that can meet the demands of our own customers nationwide each with specific transportation needs. Our customers consist of both LTL and truckload generators. Some of our customers are set up on a recurring set schedule other pickups are conducted on an as needed basis. Whatever your transportation needs are, LEI, Inc. has the experience and capabilities to satisfy your transportation demands.

Transportation Services:

  • Less-Than-Load Transportation Services
  • Truckload Transportation Services
  • DRMS Approved Transporter
  • Pre-Printed Shipping Paperwork
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Non-Hazardous/Industrial Waste
  • Oil-Filled Transformers & Equipment
  • Lift gates and Flatbeds available