Universal Waste

Universal Waste Rule

The universal waste rule (UWR) was created by EPA to encourage generators to recycle commonly generated hazardous waste: lamps, batteries, thermostats and certain pesticides. It did this by decreasing the regulatory burden on universal waste generators (handlers). The following are benefits of the universal waste rule:

  • Biennial Reporting is not required for universal wastes
  • Generators (called “handlers” under the UWR) are not required to get an EPA ID # unless considered a Large Quantity Handler of Universal Waste (LQHUW)
  • Hazardous waste labeling is not required
  • Hazardous waste manifest/transporter is not required
  • Handlers can store universal waste for up to one year
  • Decreased packing requirements
  • Documenting and tracking shipments only required for LQHUWs