LEI can safely and conveniently manage all of your batteries.
If needed we can come onsite and package them to meet USDOT regulations.

The Right Choice for Batteries

Battery Recycling
Batteries that are managed as a hazardous waste can be managed as a universal waste if sent for recycling. Generators can opt to manage all batteries as universal waste (lead-acid batteries can be managed as a recyclable material and then would not need to be managed as a universal waste.) LEI can accept batteries from generators regardless of quantity. We receive volumes of batteries from 1-gallon containers to truck load.

Are Batteries Harmful?

Every year there are over 2.5 billion dry cell batteries (this figure does not include wet cells) sold in the US. 530,000 pounds of batteries require disposal daily. Batteries accounted for 89% of the mercury in the municipal solid waste stream. According to EPA, Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cad) batteries accounted for over 50% of the cadmium content in the waste stream.

Batteries can contain cadmium, lithium, mercury, zinc, and even asbestos, all have the potential to be harmful to the environment and humans. Lithium batteries are highly reactive with water if their casings are disturbed; and mercury button batteries can be lethal if ingested.

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